The “Inspire the Rural Dweller” programme is designed to recruit and place qualified volunteers directly with PACC Policy local partners working on projects that seek to address environmental, health and social problems affecting communities. Our work is driven by passion and love for Mother Nature and this makes the selfless contributions from volunteers a centerpiece of our work.

The programme will rely strongly on the knowledge and expertise of local and international volunteers from diverse cultural background to achieve our goal.

Our top ten questions:

• Are you concerned about the environment and interested to help conserve and preserve it?
• Are you interested in working with women in rural communities to teach them about resource management?
• Are you passionate about working with rural communities
• Are you interested in working to manage the habitat?
• Are you a climate change and environmental policy expert and fired up to work with governments to develop policies and programs?
• Are you passionate about training youth to become climate change and environmental activist?
• Do you want to have a blend of working to preserve Africa’s natural environment and enjoy the evergreen serene?
• Do you have a background in research into natural resource management?
• Do you have the knowledge and expertise in sustainable development activities?

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