Despite the challenges posed by the COVID 19 pandemic on environmental engagements, we still push through to support sustainable climate actions. In collaboration with our Cameroon partner, Forests, Resources and People (FOREP) and a Delegation of Environment and Nature Protection Limbe, PACC-POLICY was represented in the commemoration of World Earth Day 2020. The theme of the event being “Climate Action Now” was marked by the significant planting of over 50 trees donated by FOREP in open spaces within the Government Bilingual High School premises in Limbe, Cameroon.

The Organizers used the occasion to discuss the importance of Tree Planting in fighting and limiting the devastating effect of air-borne diseases like Coronavirus (Covid-19). The event brought together over 20 participants mostly women while maintaining social distancing and face masking as a way to prevent the further spread of Covid-19.

Visit our website to learn more about how you can support our project on “Restoration of Mangrove Degraded Sites” in Limbe, Cameroon.

Report Prepared by: Ewi Stephanie Lamma (Focal Person – Cameroon)