The agenda of PACC Policy to explore health and climate change in 2018 led the Programs Manager, Enoch Bessah to Katowice, Poland on 8th December, 2018 as a participant during the Global Climate and Health Summit. This was a side event at COP24. The summit was organized by The Global Climate and Health Alliance in collaboration with World Health Organization (WHO), European Committee of the Regions and PRO SILESIA (University of Silesia, Poland).

Jeni Miller, the Executive Director of Global Climate and Health Alliance was the facilitator for the event. We received welcome addresses from University of Silesia, European committee of the Regions and WHO before our first plenary session out of the 3 sessions slated for the event. The key session of the event was plenary three on presentation of the Call to Action on Climate Change and Health and COP24 Report on Climate Change and Health. Fighting climate change is fighting ill-health, therefore, lets join forces to reduce the impact of climate change and improve the health of our citizens. PACC Policy has established contact with professionals already in the health and climate field to boost their activities in this very relevant area in the coming years. You are invited to endorse the Call to Action at